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Nearly 12 years of legal experience in marital and family law, including civil litigation.  FLG provides premium quality divorce and civil litigation services at affordable hourly rates.

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Our Areas of Practice


Divorce is hard. FLG works with you to make Divorce as pain-free as possible. From fighting for you to keep your non-marital assets, to getting you an equitable distribution that best represents your unique circumstances, Fell Law Group is with you every step of the way.  Our experience in alimony, time-sharing, and child support issues helps FLG protect your rights as best as we can.

Post-Judgement Modification

Have you had a substantial change in circumstances since your alimony was awarded?  Is it in the best interests of your minor child to modify the current child support?  Did something not contemplated happen with your parenting plan so that the current time-sharing needs to be modified?  FLG advocates for you and with you throughout your post-judgment modification proceedings.


All children deserve the love and support of their parents. FLG fights for your parental rights.  If you had a child while unmarried and want to establish child support, or otherwise need help with a parenting plan and time-sharing with your minor child, FLG is here to help.


"But they promised!"  "But they're ordered to do it!"  Unfortunately, people don't always do what they said they would in a marital settlement agreement or paternity settlement agreement, or even what they were ordered to do by the Court.  Thankfully, Fell Law Group fights for you so that your MSA, PSA or final judgment is fully enforced to the greatest extent possible. 


The judge got it wrong?  Don't fret.  Appeal it.  Fell Law Group has valuable experience working on appeals in multiple districts throughout Florida.  From appeals of non-final orders to final orders, and even extraordinary writs, FLG's got you covered for all your appellate needs. 


Got a terrible tenant you need to evict?  Landlord served you with an eviction notice?  Fell Law Group knows the Florida Landlord-Tenant laws and will fight hard to protect your rights in an eviction proceedings. 

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Proper planning makes a huge difference.  Even if you love your spouse dearly, it may be a good idea to plan in advance with a prenuptial (pre-marital) or postnuptial agreement.  Well-written Agreements make everyone feel more secured because the parties' intentions are clear.  Fell Law Group pays attention to details so that all your bases are securely covered. 

Business Litigation

Disputes between business partners can feel like fighting with family.  Your business is your livelihood, and protecting it is of paramount importance.  Fell Law Group has the accounting educational background and civil litigation experience necessary to strongly advocate for both you and your business. 

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About Fell Law Group, PLLC

FLG prides itself on passionate, professional advocacy with a client centered approach. We strive to get to know our clients so we can advocate their positions as best as possible.

FLG lawyers have an accounting educational background in addition to law, which allows us to better understand our clients' complex financial and business matters.

With nearly 12 years' experience practicing law, over 7.5 years exclusively in marital and family law and over 3.5 years in civil litigation, FLG is fully capable of handling all your legal needs. 


Our central location in Plantation, Florida provides convenient access to the Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach County courthouses.

Our experience with high-net-worth clients, complex matters, and jurisdictional matters allows us to handle all aspects of litigation. From pre-suit resolution and mediation to trials and appeals, FLG's got you covered.

FLG focuses on the details.  Strong preparation is at the heart of our practice.

We would love to learn more about you and your unique case.  For a consultation, kindly call (954) 592-8846.

Family Law Legal Team

Meet the team

FLG is powered by its managing partner, Brian D. Fell, Esq.

Brian David Fell

Managing Partner
Brian combines his competitive spirit with compassion, consistently aiming to deliver optimal results for his clients. After earning his Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Florida State University in 2009 (achieving Dean’s List five semesters), Brian graduated in the top 25% of his law school class at Florida International University College of Law in 2012. During law school, Brian earned the CALI Book Award for the top grade in six of his law school classes, including awards for Federal Rules of Evidence, Federal Income Tax, Real Estate, Federal Estate and Gift Tax, Securities Law Enforcement, and Sales. In 2012, Brian began his legal career practicing Family Law at a boutique firm in Coral Gables that handles high-net-worth divorces, international cases, jurisdictional disputes, and a wide variety of complex matters. In 2020, Brian shifted gears and engaged in civil litigation in Miami Beach. Leveraging his Family Law practice with his valuable civil litigation experience, Brian founded FLG in 2024 to serve the South Florida community with quality next generation legal services.